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The CAAC was founded in 1964. The head office of the company is located in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. CAAC (Chaudhary Ali Asghar & Co.) is a leading construction firm in the Islamabad region with a portfolio that includes some of the Pakistan’s most iconic and sophisticated construction masterpieces. For almost 50 years, it has shaped the skylines of major cities, set the infrastructure for large industrial facilities and built landmark projects in healthcare, hospitality, commercial and residential. It focuses on delivering quality while maintaining the highest health and safety standards.

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Architectural Designs, Gray Structure and Turnkey Basis Construction , & More

Architectural Designs

Buildings and constructions are an essential part of the human experience. We spend our lives, work there, shop, acquire, seek out care, and devote our relaxation time inside these buildings—and we assess them on how efficiently they abide by their definite commitments. An architectural designer is an expert who plans and projects buildings and usually plays a significant role in their structure.


The entire construction process is represented by the grey structure, which leaves out any decorative and architectural work. Bricks, cement, sand, crushed stone, and steel make up the bulk of a grey structure in construction activity. They allow for the completion of the building’s primary Grey Structure. It excludes all architectural work, such as painting and sanitary work. The construction of the Grey Structure also includes the installation of electrical wires, water pipelines, and rooftop and subsurface water tanks. That’s the process by which your grey construction is completed.


The turnkey projects are intended, developed, and prepared with all services by a company under an agreement. It is passed over to a buyer when it is ready to function in business. The company is accountable for building a turnkey plan and does it for the rate as agreed in the agreement. The work of the company includes design, construction, fitting, aftermarket provision, and procedural service for turnkey projects. In this method of carrying out global projects, a corporation in need of an industrial or services facility leases a third-party operative to plan and build, rather than doing all on its own. The third-party worker is accountable for providing everything from industrial to source chain facilities. Because of the high turn-key construction cost in Pakistan, there aren’t many building firms in Pakistan that can provide you with the affordable and convenient services offered by CAAC.

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